Opulent Settings for Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald green gems have always been associated in history as a valuable possession primarily owned by kings and queens. These were not only used for royal jewels but also extensively engraved in thrones and personal items.

Let this mystic charm and awe of royal grandeur celebrate your special day in life. For this occasion we suggest that you explore this choice of an impressive emerald engagement ring. And specifically, instead of regular ring settings you may perhaps attempt an opulent setting with a fine emerald and few sparkling diamonds. The eternal sparkle of diamonds beautifully blends with intense green gemstone for a perfect engagement ring.

Some of the impressive designs for the emerald diamond engagement ring with a touch of splendor and shine include: trillion shaped central emerald three stone ring with tapered baguette cut bar channel set diamonds, marquise cut emerald halo ring with round diamonds, trillion shaped central diamond with ten prong set round diamonds, emerald and princess cut diamonds prong set matching set, marquise-cut emerald ring with channel set straight baguette cut diamonds, heart-shaped emerald and princess cut diamond three stone ring, and heart shaped emerald three stone ring with bezel set round diamonds.

These are just a few of the many variations possible with a fine emerald and few dazzling diamonds. Though the emerald-cut emerald is a popular choice, these precious gems are equally magnificent in marquise shape, princess cut, cushion cut and oval shape. And, the colorless dazzle of diamond perfectly tones down as well as complements the dark vibrant green gem.

As your memorable celebrations near, we suggest that you browse the range of emerald rings and choose opulence over regular, and feel very special on that day.

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Let The Glitter Of Ruby And Gold Blend For The Special Day

The vibrant red beauty of ruby perhaps does not need any addition. It breathtakingly carries any jewel on its own. But, if we are considering a ring for the engagement a more detailed attention to it will make the ring a joy forever as you bring in the cherished moments.

A perfectly subtle blend of ruby stone with gold metal is one of the beautiful and unique choices for ruby engagement rings. The vibrancy of color red and the sheen of gold metal reflect a rich aura over the jewel which is impressive and timeless. And by including few tiny sparkling diamonds in the ring design, the engagement ring is truly spectacular. But here, a careful selection of the size, shape and design of the ruby and the ring with respect to the gold metal band and diamonds is needed for the ring to not to become too splendorous. Elegance must be retained which can be achieved by choosing the right combination.

Some of the impressive designs for a ruby diamond engagement ring set on a gold metal band include: filled round shape ruby prong set ring with round diamonds – 14K rose gold, marquise shape ruby prong set three stone ring with princess cut diamonds – 14 K yellow gold, emerald cut ruby half bezel set ring with round diamonds-14K rose gold, ruby oval princess Diana ring -14K yellow gold, round shape ruby prong set ring with round and tapered baguette cut diamonds -14k yellow gold, filled oval cut ruby prong set ring with trillion cut diamonds – 18k yellow gold.

Besides these choices, one may explore custom-designing to get that perfect ring for the cherished day. It perhaps might take a little more of your time, but the result is a joy to wear for ever.

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Classic Solitaire Settings For Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Engagement rings need not necessarily be big with a combination of gemstones set intricately. An elegant yet classic solitaire ring setting has always ruled over times and continuous to be considered as a beautiful choice. Especially, an impressive sapphire which is neatly shaped and set in a stylish solitaire setting makes for a gorgeous sapphire engagement ring.

Though it may seem that choices for a solitaire ring style is limited and perhaps not trendy or stylish, you may be surprised to find out that varied selection is available for this design. Some of these include: emerald cut white sapphire solitaire in 14K white gold, square cut blue sapphire ridged top ring in rose gold, prong set round shape purple sapphire solitaire in 18K white gold, square cut royal blue sapphire contour solitaire ring, pear shaped blue sapphire solitaire in platinum, and untreated pear cut pink sapphire ridged contour setting solitaire ring in 14K white gold.

Further, the design of the metals of these solitaire rings is open to a range of creative styles, from simple plain to ribbon-shaped and fine parallel strips. Some more such designs include twisted, knotted, sliced and ridged.
Besides being a beautiful jewel, there are some practical reasons for choosing solitaire sapphire engagement ring. As one is expected to wear this ring most of the time, it is comfortable on the finger and easy to maintain. Also, on a given day if it does not complement your dress it does not matter as the ring is never likely to overshadow the chosen attire.

For these cherished moments in life, it is necessary to take some time out and explore the various options available for the rings. Perhaps, a timeless classic solitaire sapphire engagement ring could be your choice.

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Indulge In A Beautiful Diamond Bracelet This Christmas

Usher in this Christmas with a lovely accessorizing jewel, a diamond bracelet. A delicately crafted bracelet with sparkling small diamonds makes a perfect accessory that beautifully accentuates the simplest of attire. Further, it complements dress of any color, be it bold dark or soothing pastel and seamlessly blends with the entire look. Also, the eternal aura and purity that these dazzling precious stones reflect will always be valued. Therefore, if your jewelry collection is yet to have a diamond bracelet, then perhaps, Christmas is the right time to gift yourself this gorgeous piece.

One may have a diamond bracelet in many ways. The popular choice would be to visit a jewelry store and choose one among the many pre-set bracelets laid out. Or you may select a bracelet setting and choose the diamonds of the desired shape, carat and size, and provide to the jeweler for making the jewel with these choices. Or if you wish to possess a truly unique diamond bracelet it is suggested that you may creatively sketch a bracelet, carefully hand-pick the needed diamonds, and then get it custom-made. Perhaps, the thought of custom-designing the bracelet may make people uncomfortable as most of us do not understand the nuances of jewelry-making. But, it may not be so. Many established jewelers assist those customers who wish to personally design jewelry.

Therefore, make this Christmas more special by gifting yourself a beautiful diamond bracelet that would also make a stunning accessorizing jewel for your entire wardrobe.

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This Birthday Gift Yourself A Pair Of Dazzling Ruby Earrings

Ruby EarringsMake the day special for yourself by choosing a pair of beautiful earrings engraved with precious ruby. It is likely that you may have not thought about buying something for the birthday. Perhaps it is not too late and it is suggested that you may step out to select a pair of stunning earrings which would also be a useful accessorizing jewel.

Be it a classic solitaire setting or an elegant setting with side stones, rubies are resplendent in any kind of design. This gives many choices to choose from. Further, by adding few sparking diamonds the beauty of the ruby earrings is beautifully accentuated, and thus making the jewel more special.

You may either choose earrings from a range of gorgeous choices available at established jewelry stores or you may select the design of the ear studs and handpick the gemstones for the same. This helps you to wear the rubies and the diamonds of the desired shape, cut, size and carat. Another beautiful way of presenting yourself ruby earrings would be to creatively sketch a fine design and choose each ruby and diamond for it. The immense satisfaction that one gets by involving in this entire process of jewel-making is beyond words.

As the special celebration approaches, it is suggested that you take some time out to browse or custom-design a pair of lovely ruby earrings engraved with few tiny dazzling diamonds. Make your birthday more memorable by gifting yourself a jewel which would also perfectly accessorize most of your favorite dresses.

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Explore The Creative Option Of Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

If that special occasion of your life is nearing perhaps it is appropriate that you choose to wear an equally special engagement ring. And, most probably you may find a stunning ring in one of the leading jewelry stores in the town, but would that be really special?

An engagement ring crafted with your choice of design and engraved with your hand-picked precious gems is truly special. And a ring as this is sure to make the celebrations more memorable. Creating a ring on own is much simpler than what is usually perceived. With the help of an established good jeweler one may design and get the ring crafted according to one’s choice.

There are two simple ways to start the process, either you may hand-pick a stunning precious stone and then design a ring around it, or you may choose a beautiful ring design and then proceed to select the most appropriate gemstone for the same. Further, if you wish to own one-of-a-kind ring, you may sketch a unique ring design and get it approved from the jeweler. The jeweler may suggest few changes in order for the design to comfortably fit on the finger or for a better stability and sturdiness of the stones with respect to the design. Once these aspects are taken care of, your engagement ring with all your choices would be ready in few weeks.

Therefore, for a truly special engagement ring it is suggested that you may involve yourself creatively in the ring from the beginning and cherish for ever this memorable occasion.

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Gift Elegant Rings To Your Grandparents And Warm Their Hearts

Ruby Solitaire RingGrandparents are always special. Their genuine warmth and fondness is a blessing to us. And as the Grandparents’ Day is nearing, it is an opportunity to show them how special they too are to us. A pair of elegant and classic rings would perhaps be the right choice.

For your grandmother a beautiful ruby solitaire ring set in yellow gold or white gold is one of the designs that one may select. Or, two small diamonds on its either side would be truly gorgeous on her finger. If her likes are more elaborate with respect to the jewelry, you may also choose a designer ruby ring or a cluster diamond ruby ring.

And for your grandfather, a little more attention is needed. As men have strong likes and dislikes with respect to jewelry on them, it is perhaps better to take their suggestion before choosing a ring for them. An emerald shaped emerald stone set in white gold or platinum is one of the safest choices.

Few aspects need to be taken care of when selecting rings for grandparents. Most importantly, the ring design should be such that it is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. It is advisable to keep a copy of all the relevant purchase documents with you, if needed for any modifications or changes.

It is suggested that you take some time out to choose a pair of fine rings for your grandparents. And, then see the sparkle in their eyes on receiving these precious gifts from you.

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Let The Sparkle Of Astrological Rings Shine On You

Aastro ring Astrological rings have been used since time immemorial for gaining benefits from its Vedic values. From queens to layman many have worn in ancient era and its aura and belief continues to find admirers today too. And, it is no more a part of a regular looking ring but is designed and styled to highlight the astrological stone in an impressive ring setting.

Further, one can make one’s own astrological ring by choosing the desired precious stone with a ring setting of one’s choice. Some of the popular gemstones are sapphires in blue, white or yellow, emerald and ruby. It is suggested that you handpick the desired stone with least blemishes and impurities for embracing most of its goodness. Then, choose an elegant or stylish ring setting in yellow gold or white gold, which may be set as bezel set or channel set or prong set. Here care must be taken that the ring setting is such that the gemstone touches the skin as much as possible. This is so because it is believed that if the stone touches the skin it is more influential. Also, a few diamonds if added may greatly enhance its appearance. With these choices an order may be placed with a good jeweler for the ring. An astrological ring thus created is more likely to be trendy and stylish, and most importantly you would not hesitate to wear it regularly.

Welcome the powerful influence of the gemstones into your lives by wearing astrological rings.

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Choose Beautiful Sapphire Earrings With Diamond Side Stones

sapphire-diamond studThough the colorful sapphires possess an unmatched natural beauty owing to its warm colors and glow, a few sparkling diamonds added to it make this jewel truly impressive. Especially, if the occasion is a celebration of cherished moments as birthdays, anniversaries or a gift for someone dear, a pair of sapphire studs engraved with diamonds would always remain special.

The eternal gems the diamonds blend perfectly well with any color of sapphire be it pink, blue, white or yellow. Therefore, you may select a sapphire of your choice and get it custom designed with in a beautiful stud setting with handpicked neatly cut small diamonds.

Few impressive earrings designs for sapphire with diamonds from which you may choose one are: round shape blue sapphire outlined with round diamonds, square cut pink sapphire surrounded by round diamonds, pear shape yellow sapphire outlined with tiny diamonds, round shape white sapphire surrounded by two rows of very small diamonds, round shape small blue sapphire outlined by round diamonds in yellow gold, and oval cut blue sapphire surrounded by very small diamonds in the shape of a star.

A fine range of sapphire studs with diamonds as side stones are available with leading jewelry stores but if you desire to wear or gift something very special, then it is suggested that you custom-design one as per your choice of sapphire, color, shape and size. Or you may creatively design a stud-setting yourself and place an order for the same.

Make the occasion more memorable with a gorgeous sapphire-diamond stud.

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Few Stunning Designs For Designer Ruby Rings

stunning designs for designer ruby ringsRuby rings have always been an all-time favorite ring for all occasions. Be it a personal celebration such as an engagement or an anniversary, it is the beautiful ruby ring that charms most of the buyers. And perhaps, rightfully so. The deep red intense color reflects passion and warmth, and perfectly symbolizes the emotions attached therein.

A ring engraved with a ruby is impressive in an elegant timeless setting as a solitaire as well as in an elaborate designer setting. The ring design, and the color and shape of the ruby usually do not take away the inherent beauty of this precious red stone. Therefore, a ruby ring is always stunning in all its forms.

However, here we present few gorgeous designer settings for a ruby ring that are intricate, elegant and truly special: Filled Pear Shape Ruby Prong Set Halo Ring With Round Diamonds  in White Gold, Rare Untreated Heart Shape Ruby Prong Set Halo Ring With Round Diamonds in White Gold, Heart Shape Ruby Prong Set Halo Ring With Round Diamonds in Yellow Gold, Filled Square Cut Ruby Prong Set Halo Ring With Round Diamonds in White Gold, Emerald Cut Ruby Prong Set Halo Ring With Round Diamonds in four lines in Rose Gold, Filled Cushion Ruby Prong Set Ring With Round Diamonds in White Gold and Emerald Cut Ruby Prong Set Ring With Round And Princess Cut Diamonds in White Gold.

If a special celebration is round the corner, it is suggested that you choose a ruby ring and make the occasion more memorable.

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